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Cortec Corporation, USA

Click here for Corporate BrochureFrom a humble beginning in a small garage in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, our Principals - Cortec Corporation have grown into the World’s Leader in Corrosion Protection Technology with the manufacture, distribution and application of anti corrosion products and systems based on the revolutionary Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibition Technology.

Through commitment, hard work, and extensive research and development, Cortec pioneered the application and distribution of VpCI Technology, and helped many industries worldwide to solve their corrosion and preservation problems.

Cortec is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified Company. Cortec has now expanded into environmentally acceptable water-based liquids to replace polluting oil/solvent-based coatings, and now Cortec produces a full line of multifunctional products that promise unparalleled benefits to the customers, including increased profits, improved product quality and productivity and reduced waste and pollution, besides being environmentally safe, non toxic, non hazardous and free of many harmful chemicals.

Cortec VpCI products can be customised in various forms and shapes such as liquids, powders, film, foam, paper etc., but they all protect metal with a mono - molecular layer that provides multimetal corrosion protection.

The coverage is complete – all surfaces, including crevices, cavities and other inaccessible void areas receive total protection.

The VpCI barrier displaces moisture, reheals when disturbed and is self-replenishing, even for packaging that is opened and closed, and typically provides continuous protection for upto 24 months even in harsh and hostile conditions.

The result is exceptional product protection, without the labour-intensive application and clean-up that is required with conventional oil coatings or other inhibiting products.

Cortec Corrosion Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Cortec Corrosion Solutions India Pvt Ltd. is the sole business partner for Cortec Corporation, in India and has taken over the All-India operations from OKS Speciality Lubricants India Pvt Ltd.

Cortec Corporation, USA, has pledged their full support and backing to Cortec India and they have long term plans to set up a world class manufacturing facility in India to cater to the growing corrosion protection and preservation needs of the industries in the region.


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